The Goal and Purpose of This Blog

The Hardest Part About This Post: Finding A Suitable Portal Meme

In order to revive my interest in this project after bouncing back from moving and coming back to college, I’ve decided to re-evaluate my cause here. So with the perfect Seattleite antique cup of lavender tea and my monkey slippers, here it goes on the eve of the 2011-2012 school year.

The goal of this blog is simply to engage myself in planning outside of the mostly predictable planning curriculum here at EWU. Not that I’m complaining, I just have my own missions and goals to accomplish when it comes to breadth and depth of my knowledge of my future practice and this is the medium I’ve chosen to meet those goals.

One thing, however, that this blog is not about would be refined essays of very tediously specific topics interesting to the vast minority that most college professors would be proud of. I’ve been told over and over again that we need to be tangible to a wider audience than our professional peers and then am graded down because I didn’t speak “professionally enough” when there was no stated audience to begin with. Why should planning students practice using jargon if we’re (or I am because I’m more interested in planning for a small town rather than a large one) more likely to discuss issues with the public and those in local public office than with peers.

I never revise this blog. These are all ‘quick writes.’

For that, I may be in the wrong when showing this to hopeful employers. I want to be able to think and write quickly on my feet when needed about my profession without speaking for 20 minutes (if possible) or writing a 6 page essay. I want to be concise, make the point clearly, and be as accessible as possible to all audiences. If I need to be mundanely clear about something to the point of long-windedness that will only be readable to other professionals, I will write an essay in class and post it here. This is the only exception to my quick-but-thorough method.

On that note, I hope to stand out among my peers with this blog as my cornerstone of individuality. As well as my comparatively unique point of view with rural planning, this is sure to stick in people’s minds: be it a negative or positive opinion.

Overall, I hope to learn more about planning on a personal level and be able to teach others (with a casual tone.) What’s the use of being the first to split atoms if you can’t explain what you just did? Bit of a game-changer. Also: electricity.

Lastly, this is for proving to my father that I am really taking in this planning thing and not just playing Portal 2 at school (even though Jordan and I rocked co-op levels yesterday!) I love you both and adore your support as you are my only subscribers.

Thank You.


About Aascot Holt

Staff News Writer for the Easterner. Urban and Regional Planning Major. Senior. Has fingers in all proverbial pies.

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