Comparative Book Review Dismay

At the beginning of this project, I had prepared to discuss five topics found in both Jacobs’ and Garvin’s books. But after reading four and dropping one for sanity’s sake, I’ve found that there just isn’t enough in common between the two to complete the topic I was most looking forward to- historic preservation. Jacobs, while she did discuss the need for old buildings economically, was about a decade at the front-end of the historic preservation movement in the US; The first federal tax incentives promoting home owners to restore and maintain their home properly was enacted about thirteen years after The Life and Death of Great American Cities was published. Garvin was very thorough and in-depth about how to finance a historic preservation district and was very informative. So, I’ll have to wrap-up without that last piece. Look forward to seeing the final cut, condensed to 3-5 pages, shortly.

Darn you, hasty ambition without thorough preparation!

On a completely awesome note: I have an interview to blog for a global company in twelve hours! Send all the good juju!



Within the last few hours, just this morning, Maxis has announced and released a trailer about the complete and utter reboot of the SimCity franchise to be released in 2013. It will be multiplayer, and that feature could be great, or awful. Here’s a much less frantic, more in-depth read on this from the Huffington Post here. There is a slideshow at the end of the article.

Here is the game trailer, and the ‘insider’s look’ with the developers.

I’m going to go pee my pants now in 10-year-old excitement. It’s like waiting for a new Harry Potter movie to start, bouncing in the theatre seat. Because Harry Potter geeks win at life.

Thanks for being awesome, Maxis.

3/7, 12:13pm EDIT: Systems Requirements and specs on EU prices and bundles ($60 limited edition and $80 ‘digital deluxe’ edition in US) are up. More info on the content of these expensive sets are up here.

New Title and Look!

You may have noticed, if you prefer to read this on the site rather than your email, that there is a new theme in use, and a new name instilled! Things will be a little odd around here for a few days, but everything will be back, improved, or expanded upon by Monday. Enjoy the sleek shininess of the new theme and title: too much thought was put into it.