Within the last few hours, just this morning, Maxis has announced and released a trailer about the complete and utter reboot of the SimCity franchise to be released in 2013. It will be multiplayer, and that feature could be great, or awful. Here’s a much less frantic, more in-depth read on this from the Huffington Post here. There is a slideshow at the end of the article.

Here is the game trailer, and the ‘insider’s look’ with the developers.

I’m going to go pee my pants now in 10-year-old excitement. It’s like waiting for a new Harry Potter movie to start, bouncing in the theatre seat. Because Harry Potter geeks win at life.

Thanks for being awesome, Maxis.

3/7, 12:13pm EDIT: Systems Requirements and specs on EU prices and bundles ($60 limited edition and $80 ‘digital deluxe’ edition in US) are up. More info on the content of these expensive sets are up here.


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