The Comprehensive has surpassed 1,000 page views!
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This milestone does not go unrecognized or under appreciated.
This truly will be the summer of blogging.



The drafts have been written, the autobiography submitted, and the online permissions have been granted! My first post for The GRID at Global Site Plans will be live this coming Wednesday, May 23rd! A new post of mine will be up every other Wednesday there starting this week. I will post links here to my articles at The GRID as soon as they’re up. I hope to fill the weeks that aren’t published by The GRID with content here- especially over this summer. I look forward to a new and wonderful experience with GSP!

I’d Write Again

I’d write again, you see,

But for now my thoughts are mine,

And only for me.

If I’d think of PC prose,

I’d write all the time,

And not step on any toes.

But alas, my adolescence does not become me,

Though my words for now are harsh and would be in vain,

They are for me,

And no one else’s pain.