Throwback Thursday: Uses of Social and Participatory Mediums in Urban Planning [The GRID]

Uses of Social and Participatory

Mediums in Urban Planning

How all pubic meetings truly feel…

This is one of the topics which was forced upon me, rather than the usual I’m-the-boss-of-my-own-writing mindset. I had no idea what I was going to say about the topic until I just sat there in front of my keyboard until I simply wrote what came to my mind first. I look forward to writing more on this topic throughout my academic and professional careers. I hope to put some of this knowledge to good use during my other internships while aiding in the public feedback and meeting process.

This was the second article I wrote for The GRID. Please make any comments on The GRID, not here! (The title at the top of this post doubles as a hyperlink to the original article on GSP!) Make me look good to my boss, please!

This was originally posted on Global Site Plans‘ blog, The GRID, June 6th, 2012.

Image credit: linked directly to source.


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