Wordless Wednesday: What if Public Transit Was Beautiful?

Komsomolskaya Station in the Moscow Metro

“If we made public transit infrastructure beautiful like this, [do you] think more people would use it?”

This is what the Sustainable Cities Collective asked their Facebook fanpage a couple weeks ago on Sept. 7th, 2012, and now I am passing that question on to you.

What’s your reply?

Do you see any beggars? Any terrible musicians vying for spare change? Anybody walking without purpose whatsoever? No. Because this place is too beautiful for that. Everyone has it inside them to appreciate architecture- even in the most passing of ways.

Classic trains are gorgeously irreplaceable.

Photo Credit: linked directly to source page.


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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: What if Public Transit Was Beautiful?

  1. If every metro station in the world was like that, I feel like we’d begin to take it for granted though. This stands out because it’s so uniquely beautiful. And I agree with Jordan, I’d probably crash into a column whilst staring at the ceiling.

    • Thank you very much for your addition, Metro Atlantic!

      I believe architecture and smart interior design is such a large and mostly unexplored realm in the transit world. Modern, classic, minimalist, themed… I didn’t choose this because I believe every station should look like Marie Antoinette’s bustle: beauty is a word used with a broad brush, as it should be.

      As a safety precaution, what if the floor of a station, or even small outdoor stop, was painted as the ceiling is in this example and sealed with resin to protect the work? But, then we’re interfering with the importance of interacting with strangers a la Jane Jacobs… Oh, the complexities…

      • This is true. It’s an interesting question- should transit stations be complex and awe-inspiring or minimalistic and functional? Although I suppose one could argue it can be all these things. Unfortunately, in design, it all ends up being about the money, what’s cheapest?

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