Wordless Wednesday: Gentle Giant Pylons

I believe most everyone has seen these beauties:

A Wireless Communication Tower with a Douglas Fir Tree Facade

These make what most people want (reliable wireless connectivity) possible without the gross exterior of what most don’t want to admit is required (white and red pillars to our relatively newfound appendages).

But what if we used this cloaking technique creatively with other eyesore above-ground infrastructure needs?

These giant deer-shaped pylons carrying electrical wires across the outskirts of Moscow, Russia are just one creative way to incorporate sculpture into infrastructure.

I’m in love.

What other types of infrastructure do you think would blend well with sculpture?

Photo Credit: linked directly to source page.


About Aascot Holt

Staff News Writer for the Easterner. Urban and Regional Planning Major. Senior. Has fingers in all proverbial pies.

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Gentle Giant Pylons

  1. I love the power line towers. One of the farms I lived on as a kid had them go right through the middle of the section and it would have been killer to see giant deer, not just a stack of iron.

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