Climbing at secluded Banks Lake, WA for my birthday.

Climbing at Banks Lake, WA for my birthday.

Aascot Holt is a 19-year-old senior studying Urban & Regional Planning at Eastern Washington University. She will graduate in the spring of the 2012-2013 school year.

Originally from Stevenson, Washington, a town of about 1,500 people, I was frankly a very poor student unless it involved art, history, or english. That is, until I chose to overcome the self-inflicted loss of my best friend in the 8th grade with theatre. With the creative outlet found, I could focus more on schoolwork and chose to start taking classes at the community college 50 miles away halftime my junior year of high school. The motivation… “[it] manifested, like a flame. [it] [wasn’t] really, really from anywhere. The conditions were right, and [it] came into being.”[1] After accumulating some 73 credits at Clark College, learning through my own means and formal classes American Sign Language, some office experience through being a minute taker for the student government, and gaining a now 3-year-old baby brother, I have gladly chosen planning as the focus for my career.

Planning and sob story aside, I enjoy the outdoors in many ways including: kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and wading at my secret spot in a nearby creek. I am slowly getting through Star Trek: The Next Generation with my boyfriend, Jordan. The Office, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Futurama, and various YouTube channels are also favorites. Painting, yoga, cooking, and my daily planner help me come back down to earth.

‘The Comprehensive’ is named as such because what I write about covers or will cover most every aspect of planning. The focus is planning and that’s how I’d like to keep it- simple and concise while remaining thorough- just like a comprehensive plan.


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